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Our Team

Rhys Hewett, GROlife

Rhys Hewett

Growing up on the Yorke Peninsula and later on in the Riverland, South Australia, Rhys has extensive business experience in providing support and growth systems to businesses, both small and large.

His career has included owning a successful nutritional supplement business that highlighted the importance of a balanced health approach not just for people, but also the environment around us all.

Forming GROlife in 2013, Rhys has been inspired by the consistent positive feedback from users of GROlife products.

His honest approach and focus on building long lasting relationships has contributed to the success he has enjoyed.

Jarrett Bouts, GROlife

Jarrett Bouts

With an upbringing in the Barossa Valley and then the Murray Mallee, South Australia, Jarrett has grown up within traditional farming environments, having a first-hand understanding of the challenges involved in animal and food production.

Leaving the rural setting to experience the Signage and Display industry, Jarrett assisted the management and growth of a successful Adelaide based company over an 18 year period, learning the importance of listening to clients and developing processes for effective solutions using quality materials.

Answering the inner call to be working within an agricultural-based industry with an environmentally aware approach, Jarrett joined GROlife as Joint Director in 2018.

Throughout his upbringing and career, Jarrett has always had a belief in using natural products and engaging environmentally focussed practices where practical, with this belief continually evolving. Being at home in the garden and growing his own produce since a child, he has also studied permaculture practises and actively seeks information for continual development.

Meet the Team, GROlife

Our Story

Proudly SOUTH AUSTRALIAN owned and operated, GROlife formed in 2013 from a knowledge that a global change is needed.

We are creating an awareness and providing solutions to greater care for ourselves and our world, and we are starting from the ground up!

After many years of traditional farming techniques using chemicals and pesticides, which have filtered into the domestic environment, our soils have never been so mineral deficient with natural soil ecology compromised. Costs to maintain landscapes and enable food production continue to rise, contributed by increased pests and disease, and the increased dependence on natural resources such as water.

The solution lies through GROlife fertiliser products, which we suggest are more of a nutrition product rather than just another fertiliser. Our products are 100% natural, mineral based providing balanced nutrition essential for life!

Filled with over 60 Minerals and Trace Elements, GROlife provides a uniquely bio-available source of nutrition unmatched by other fertiliser sources. By bringing microbial colonies back to balance and removing toxic synthetic chemicals that weaken microbes and plant health, we encourage the right environment to restore the natural systems of growth. The result of using GROlife is increased nutrition uptake to plants, increased plant growth and yield, and the return of natural fungal growth that results in increased water retention.

We source only quality ingredients to complete our balanced blends, with one such mineral once fought over by armies and valued more than gold. The reserves from which we obtain this mineral is currently the richest known source in the world!

GROlife is not only a financially rewarding investment short term, it is also a environmentally responsible investment for the health of future generations.

We believe we are making a difference. The only question is will you join us?

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