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Why Our Blends Are Better

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Nurturing our environment through safe and effective agricultural methods is paramount for healthy future generations. However, we are learning the negative impacts of traditional farming practises (both domestic and commercial) involving chemicals which damage soil health. The results show lower yields, less nutrient dense produce, poorer pest and disease resistance and more frightening the impact on animal and human health through direct and indirect exposure to these chemicals, bio-hazards and resulting depleted environment. The good news though is that we have ability to make a change for a safer, healthier future for our families and the world.

GROlife’s 100% natural fertiliser solution builds soil ecology by delivering balanced nutrition to create the right environment to restore the natural systems of growth. Technically, our products are nutrition for plants, animals and human from the ground UP! Your soil environment should be teaming with micro and macro biology, unfortunately many soils have deficits in essential minerals and nutrients resulting in an unproductive environment. Only soils with balanced nutrition grow healthy and balanced soil ecology.

Our signature range of GROlife blends are also non-leaching and add a wealth of minerals to your soil that stay there, no matter what your soil type! While containing high amounts of calcium which is very effective in helping break down clay soils, we also provide additional services of soil testing and custom blending to correct specific imbalances in all soil types.

With the added advantage of encouraging natural, healthy fungal growth in your soil which improves soil water holding capacity, we have reported water savings of up to 30%. GROlife also contains Silica which is lacking in most of Australia’s soils and is a unique element that deters pest attack on your plants.

Once you try GROlife, you won’t look back.

Naturally Better

Grolife is Non-Leaching, so your fertiliser investment stays in the soil working for you and our unique source of phosphorus is 95-100% available, higher than any other known source.

Non-leaching, protecting your environment

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Mineralised sea-bird guano residue before processing and blending with more minerals

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Amazing History

And … this is just one component of our blend!

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The essential nature of guano had long been understood by the Incas, as guano powered the farms that supported the complex Inca civilisation. Those farms produced the potatoes and quinoa that in the 16th century, fed what was most likely the largest empire in the world. The Inca very carefully managed their guano reserves, recognising the growth of their great empire was due to its proximity to the guano islands and the quality of food produced by utilising guano as their fertiliser.

Two centuries later, Peru had declared its independence from Spain and some people in Lima began to focus on seabird guano, which was to prove to be more precious than gold. After the western world discovered how good guano was at growing successful crops, demand and even guano wars followed as nations developed an insatiable appetite for this new, natural marvel that greatly improved their depleted soils and crop yields.

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