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One of our current clients are using 30% LESS WATER on their school oval.

GROlife builds soil ecology and delivers balanced nutrition. Creating the right environment to restore the natural systems of growth. Nutrition from the ground up!

  • Your soil environment should be teaming with micro and macro biology, unfortunately many soils have deficits in essential minerals and nutrients resulting in an unproductive environment. Only soils with balanced nutrition grow healthy and balanced soil ecology.
  • GROlife delivers unique bio-available, balanced nutrition to the soil ecology releasing the necessary nutrients and minerals to feed your plants.
  • GROlife is non-leachable and adds a wealth of minerals to your soil that stay there, no matter what your soil type.
  • GROlife encourages natural, healthy fungal growth in your soil which improves soil water holding capacity.
  • GROlife contains high amounts of calcium which is very effective in helping break down clay soils.
  • GROlife contains Silica which is lacking in most of Australia’s soils and is a unique element that deters pest attack on your plants.
Why Choose GROlife?
Microbial colonies are brought into balance through balanced minerals.
Why Choose GROlife?
Resulting in nutrition and minerals made readily available to plants.
Why Choose GROlife?
Symbiotic fungal growth is encouraged, resulting in more plant nutrition and water retention.
Why Choose GROlife?
Natural systems are restored, encouraging earthworms and other beneficial organisms.
Why Choose GROlife?
Amazing results due to natural systems brought into balance through a healthy balance of our unique minerals.
School Oval, Before
Day of Application
School Oval, 3 Weeks
Three Weeks
School Oval, 8 Weeks
Eight Weeks

School Oval Trial Summary

Astounding results through this independent 3 year trial – Save more than 30% Water

We have been using GROlife fertiliser on our school lawns and ovals for the past three years and the grasses have responded in a most extraordinary way. Within two weeks there was a very noticeable improvement in colour and rate of growth and this has been maintained right through the hot summers.

The Kikuyu grass on the ovals has a rich healthy green colour and as an added bonus we have reduced our water usage by more than 30%. This has been the case as well on Santa Ana couch lawns. After 24 years experience with lawn and oval management I have no hesitation in recommending GROlife as a very cost effective fertiliser,
producing very healthy grass with good cover.

Peter Schulz
School Groundsman

Commercial Turf Growers

The use of the Classic blend has supported increased plant health, visual results including increased depth of colour, increased root activity, increased lateral runners. This has lead to reclaiming of stressed areas that were poor in production and destined for reworking. The natural humate action of our products are well suited to heavily irrigated or salt impacted areas, aiding buffering of salts and the degradation of chemical residues within soil.

Trials are now underway with the goal to reduce application frequency almost in half while maintaining standard application rates.

GROlife, Commercial, Parks, Ovals
GROlife, Commercial, Parks, Ovals
GROlife, Commercial, Parks, Ovals
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