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Higher yields, greater availability, more nutritional benefits.
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Independent research shows superior performance.

Known as the most mineral rich fertiliser known to man, GROlife’s Guano is a superior and natural alternative to  other phosphorus fertilisers such as MAP, DAP, TSP and SSP.

With high levels of Phosphorus and a balance of over 60 Trace Minerals GROlife’s Guano is supplying highly available nutrition due to its unique, organic source.

Dr. Ashley Martin, ex CSIRO and Maria Manjarrez ex Univerity of Adelaide, now of Microbiology Laboratories Australia conducted trials and produced data on Grolife’s Guano in both Acid and Alkaline Soils.

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These results were replicated and show the Biomass and Yield increase of GROlife’s Guano and Triple Superphosphate compared to no fertiliser in slightly acid soil.

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The results in alkaline soils shows the superior performance of GROlife’s Guano where the Phosphorus is readily is readily available and not subject to being locked up as with the water-soluble phosphorus in traditional fertilisers.

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A much greater fertiliser use efficiency is shown here in the increase in Phosphorus and Zinc uptake with GROlife’s Guano compared to the traditional fertiliser. The results were the same in both acid and alkaline soils

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This chart shows the rapid breakdown of the Guano granule by Biological activity and thus nutrient availability from the granule. Biology is instantly very attracted to the Guano granule. Showing the rapid response from all groups of microorganisms to the Guano granule. The preferred primary nutrient uptake by plants is through a symbiotic relationship with these microorganisms. As can be seen microbes and fungi are not attracted to traditional fertilisers.

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Commonly referred to as Actino Bacteria, this group attach and form long chains similar to Fungi. This group are important for the mechanism of nutrient uptake in the soil for plants.

GROlife, Commercial, Produce

Various species of Fungi act as an extension to the root systems drawing nutrients from an extended area to feed back to the plant. GROlife’s Guano encourages these Fungi as shown. Generally, Fungi are virtually non-existent with traditional fertilisers. Overall the results above are being confirmed in the field across Australia.

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