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I just wanted to let you know that despite the difficulties of very little rain and frosts this year, we look to be experiencing one of our better meadow hay harvests! Your product has allowed us to cut hay every year without having to rest or re-seed the paddocks.

We only like to use natural environmentally friendly products and only ever spread the minimum recommended amount. We are hobby farmers so being able to purchase in 20kg bags is very helpful and at an affordable price.

We have just cut our hay, a little later than many around us, but our paddocks were still growing and looking good, so we held off. It’s now on the ground and we are very impressed with the thickness of it and are looking forward to an abundance of hay.

I think we can safely assume your new GROlife pasture blend has made all the difference!”

Pauline Williams

I used GROlife Fertiliser on several Hibiscus that had been struggling and not flowered for quite some time. There were immediate results after the first application of your wonderful product and the plants have continued to prosper with additional applications.

I have since used it on my daughter’s lawns with fantastic results and, be rest assured, she has bragged about it to her friends and clients (she is a Hairdresser). I am happy to recommend GROlife to all garden lovers, and your product is now a permanent product in my garden shed.”

Chris McComas

Westminster School has been using GROLife for the past five years. In this time, we have noticed a remarkable improvement in our lawns. We currently water from a very heavy water source (bore) that adds a lot of extra salts and minerals into the soil, add to this we also have a lot of foot traffic from students.

We have noticed that after two to three weeks of fertilising the lawns come back and last a lot longer compared with previous fertilisers that we have used. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting to try something else that would help maintain the soil structure long term.”

Jody Kubiak, Head Groundsman, Westminster School

Firstly, I used GROlife on our lawn and was very impressed with the results. Since then I have used it extensively on the rest of our garden with excellent results.

I am happy to recommend it to all garden lovers.”

Lew & Shirley Pfeiffer

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