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An important quality indicator is colour.

In general Viticulturists tend to apply the traditional supplied fertilisers to their vineyards. However as with all crops and pastures to achieve the best quality and quantity outcomes fertiliser applications should be costumed to the soil and crop specific requirements. Grapevines generally are able to source nutrients efficiently because of their prolific root systems.

Nutrients that are soil friendly and are applied in balance across the whole spectrum not only build healthy soils but also healthy plants that are much more resistant to pest & diseases such as powdery mildew. Fruit from healthy plants command a premium with the bonus of not having to apply toxic chemicals.

Quality measurements in grapes for wine such as sugar levels, pH, berry size, titratable acid, total soluble salts, fungal disease, Baume level, Brix levels, sugar acid balance, colour & tannin structure & intensity are all traits that wineries look to produce the highest quality wines. All these traits are dependent on not only adequate nutrition but Balanced nutrition of all nutrients.

Of the major nutrients, nitrogen can be the most difficult to manage. Excess and deficiencies of nitrogen are detrimental to wine quality. Shading of bunches, reduced colour in red grapes & delayed ripening are some of the problems with excess nitrogen, while low nitrogen can caused production problems for several years.

Phosphorus issues are usually one of availability rather than supply in many soils except the sandy soils.

A comprehensive soil test is the best way to determine phosphorus applications.

Potassium, similar to nitrogen can cause similar problems to grape quality. Usually in many vineyard soils the problem is an oversupply.

Magnesium deficiencies often show up in vine yards, not generally because of low magnesium in the soil, but because of high potassium suppressing its uptake.

Adequate sulphur is often overlooked as a nutrient. It is very important for grape quality but also overall mineral uptake by the vines. Biology in the soil is enhanced by higher levels of sulphur.

Calcium deficiencies in vines are very rare, however soil structure and hence water availability to the vines are effected by low calcium levels.

Obviously all the trace elements are essential for quality, production and long term health of the vines. Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Boron, Molybdenum are the ones normally given attention but there are as many as 60 or more mineral nutrients in a live healthy soil essential for grape quality and our product contains NO heavy metals.

Our GROlife Blends can supply all these nutrients in balance in the one fertiliser. “One component we utilise is sea bird guano, this has been described as the most mineral rich fertiliser known to man.” It has high levels of Phosphorus, Organic Carbon, Trace Elements and micro minerals all in the one fertiliser. It is a natural product laid down over thousands of years in mineral rich areas, mined and granulated without any addition of chemical substances.

The nutrients are very stable & friendly to the microbial population
in the soil. Being non-leachable it is great for the environment too.

We can supply our proven blends that have been very successful in vineyards or can custom blend to meet any specific requirements.

The Collective Vineyard

Less work to maintain soil fertility 3 year usage – Maintains soil fertility longer

The Collective Vineyard applied GROlife on around 100 acres of their vineyard with remarkable results.

As some of the vineyard is owned by another company differences in the vines fertilised with GROlife and Vines fertilised with another product were able to be clearly observed. The immediate results were that the canopy growth was at least 50% greater on the vines fertilised with GROlife and the growth in the grasses between the vines also were substantially greater. There was exceptional improvement in harvest with fruit quality significantly better than previous years and general vine health has also markedly improved.

Paul  Aworth
Vineyard Manager

GROlife, Commercial, Viticulture
GROlife After 6 Weeks
GROlife, Commercial, Viticulture
Other Fertiliser: Same Variety, Soil, Water
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