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Why Choose GROlife?


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Why is GROlife Better?

GROlife is a very unique blend of minerals that are derived from highly available mineral sources. We suggest that GROlife is more of a nutritional product than just another fertiliser.

An ingredient of our special mineral blend is sourced from what was once a huge seabird rookery. The resultant bi-product is a mineralised form of seabird guano. We have access to this very dense mineral ore, created in a pristine environment that was teaming with sea life and bird life, located in Java, Indonesia.

These minerals are very unique as they have been gathered together through biological processes and when powdered, pelletised and introduced into the soil are highly available to soil microbial life, this enables plants to access and readily take up nutrients that no longer exist in balance or are not available at all in our various soil types.

In fact, we are introducing over 60 unique minerals and micro-minerals that are extremely beneficial to the establishment of healthy soil and plants.

Nutritionally, this is a major breakthrough for the health of soil and the majority of plant species. That’s why GROlife is a complete or all-purpose product as it enables healthy growth wherever it is introduced—including lawns, flowers, fruit trees and vegetables etc. The benefits don’t end with healthy plant growth, readily available mineral nutrition is passed onto both animals and humans through consumption of produce obtained when utilising GROlife as a fertiliser.

We complete our blend by adding very high quality, natural minerals that stimulate microbial activity and more importantly bring the microbial colonies into BALANCE which is the key to making nutrition available to plants.

Why Choose GROlife?

Indicative Analysis: ALL NATURAL

Calcium 12.00%, Magnesium 0.9%, Silica 3.0%, Carbon 3.0%, Nitrogen 8.35% (as ammonium), Potassium 5.7% and Phosphorus 4.4%. Plus over 60 Trace Minerals, Sulphur and many Micro Minerals.

NO nasty chemicals!      NON leaching!    NO bio-hazards!

Why Choose GROlife?
All-purpose, bio-mineral nutrition that really gets things GROWING!

All-purpose, bio-mineral nutrition that really gets things GROWING!

Soil Health

GROlife builds soil ecology and delivers balanced nutrition. Creating the right environment to restore the natural systems of growth. Nutrition from the ground up!

  • Your soil environment should be teaming with micro and macro biology, unfortunately many soils have deficits in essential minerals and nutrients resulting in an unproductive environment. Only soils with balanced nutrition grow healthy and balanced soil ecology.
  • GROlife delivers unique bio-available, balanced nutrition to the soil ecology releasing the necessary nutrients and minerals to feed your plants.
  • GROlife is non-leachable and adds a wealth of minerals to your soil that stay there, no matter what your soil type.
  • GROlife encourages natural, healthy fungal growth in your soil which improves soil water holding capacity.
  • GROlife contains high amounts of calcium which is very effective in helping break down clay soils.
  • GROlife contains Silica which is lacking in most of Australia’s soils and is a unique element that deters pest attack on your plants.
Once you try GROlife, you won’t look back!
Why Choose GROlife?
Microbial colonies are brought into balance through balanced minerals.
Why Choose GROlife?
Resulting in nutrition and minerals made readily available to plants.
Why Choose GROlife?
Symbiotic fungal growth is encouraged, resulting in more plant nutrition and water retention.
Why Choose GROlife?
Natural systems are restored, encouraging earthworms and other beneficial organisms.
Why Choose GROlife?
Amazing results due to natural systems brought into balance through a healthy balance of our unique minerals.

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Plant Health

Balanced nutrition, makes all the difference! More resilient plants as well as mineral rich produce.

Plants thrive when they are in the correct growing environment.

This leads to more vigorous growth, improved resistance to disease with greater nutrition and yield for food-producing plant species.

Why Choose GROlife?

It is so encouraging to see our product have such significant impacts on various plant species in both the domestic and commercial growing sectors.

GROlife users are loyal customers because the results are outstanding.

Why Choose GROlife?
Balanced microbes produce growth hormones and antibiotics that help protect plants. Silica in our blend also deters pests.
Why Choose GROlife?
Why Choose GROlife?
Why Choose GROlife?
Why Choose GROlife?
Cellular structure is healthier and more disease resistant due to the natural take up of mineral nutrition.

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Our Health

Mineral Nutrition: We are what we eat!

GROlife builds healthy soil ecology by efficiently delivering balanced mineral nutrition, resulting in the balance of microbial colonies. Plants are then provided with a natural and greater capacity to take up the newly provided essential minerals and nutrients.

Why Choose GROlife?
Our Health, Why Choose GROlife?

The exciting results are healthier plants and the delivery of natural, mineral nutrition into fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries. This is a major breakthrough in providing high mineral nutrition in produce as many soils are depleted in minerals.

Why Choose GROlife?

Reap the benefits and improve your garden and home-grown produce today!

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